Dear Editor,

In the PPP Central Committee’s report at the congress and in a number of reports by delegates from the workshops a lot was said about corruption and the negative attitude of some leaders in addressing problems at the grassroots level. After Cheddi’s death, the delegates at that congress began explaining that it is foreign to the spirit of Marxism-Leninism to elevate corrupt persons, and to transform one such person into a regional official. Such a comrade supposedly knows everything, sees everything, thinks for everyone, can do anything and is infallible in his behaviour.

Delegates detected in the party leadership those negative characteristics which resulted later in grave consequences in the form of the loss of the November 2011 general elections. Fearing the future fate of the of the party and nation, delegates as I understand it from inside the party, pointed out that it was necessary to consider transferring the Minister of Home Affairs, who is doing a disservice to the government and had a no confidence vote against him in parliament, to the position of general secretary because Comrade Rohee did not have a proper attitude toward his comrades, members of the public and the Guyana Police Force (GPF).

It was reported in the press that he was appointed by the Central Executive of the party to the position of general secretary. Comrade Rohee will accumulate immeasurable power in his hands and I am not certain whether he will be always able to use this power with the required care.

The Leader of the AFC Mr Khemraj Ramjattan is proposing that he should remove himself from the position of Minister of Home Affairs or any ministerial position, and another competent comrade selected for it. Mr Rohee, who absolutely does not tolerate collegiality as a minister, acted not through persuasion, but by imposing his concepts and demanding absolute submission to his opinion.

Yours faithfully,
Mohamed Khan

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