UG grades and registration confirmations have not yet been completed

Dear Editor,

Isn’t it a shame that UG will open in a few days and grades for last semester as well as registration confirmations have not been completed? I submitted my documents for verification to Turkeyen since June and did a change of registration as well and nothing has been changed on my application on the university’s website.

I am also awaiting my results to be posted on the  Berbice campus’s website; the results for only one subject has been posted. Guyana is not ready for tertiary education.
In America, the professors mark papers and give results the next day after finals are taken.

That’s the standard at colleges and universities. In Guyana, you have got to wait months for results.

And continuing students go blindly into the next semester not knowing whether they passed or failed the previous semester’s work. That is University of Guyana for you.

Yours faithfully,
Leon Jameson Suseran

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