Ambassador Hardt should be a mediator between the PPP/C and APNU on the electricity generation issue

Dear Editor,

The recent statements by Ambassador Hardt on the hydropower project are on the mark, and to me, ‒ getting democracy stabilized and economies on the move, to an open-door relationship with America which has abdicated any imperialist designs whether these be cultural, political or economic. Combining Ambassador Hardt’s position on this insistence on local elections here in Guyana, we, the citizens, should thank God that President Obama sent such an outspoken representative of the USA who actively involves himself in different endeavours which actually help Guyanese society in more ways than one.

One only has to read the local newspapers to see Ambassador Hardt’s efforts, even his personal hands-on approach to help clean up our environment.

Editor, as Ambassador Hardt said, the hydropower issue needs to be resolved very soon, because not only do we desperately need hydro, but if this deal falls apart completely, the effects of future foreign investment could be disastrous for Guyana and will have a long-term negative effect on our children. The statement by APNU’s Mr Greenidge is very unfortunate because in rebutting  Ambassador Hardt, he is casting doubt on Mr Hardt’s intentions, which are clearly discernible in that they aimed at bringing reconciliation between APNU and the PPP/C, and at re-working a new approach to, and understanding of the current hydropower deal. Hopefully, if this deal can be saved and we can fulfil the dreams of my godfather, President Forbes, and my father, President Cheddi, who both believed completely in hydropower for Guyana, then we have to throw out the cozy know-it-all , secretive and confrontational approach by the Ashni Singhs and Bharrat Jagdeos of the PPP/C to this deal while also throwing out the negative, pessimistic and narrow approach by the Christopher Rams, Raymond Gaskins and Clive Thomas’s of the APNU circles.

Editor, hydropower will be good for Guyana and other diplomats should throw in their voices and support Ambassador Hardt because he is correct and bold enough to voice his opinion; furthermore, I would suggest that the only way to save this project is to have a fair-minded and Guyana-friendly mediator who can exert a great deal of influence and operate with fairness to both sides in solving this bad situation. In many places on the planet, mediation by foreign emissaries have proved viable, as in Zimbabwe or presently in the Palestine-Israel conflict, and the USA has played major roles in such intractable  situations . So, Editor, the citizens of this country should demand that their respective parties consider appointing Ambassador Hardt himself to be a mediator between the PPP/C and APNU in order that we get some sort of solution to our dead-end electricity dependency which costs us more than anywhere in this region and which will hobble our next generation with less investment, jobs and economic growth.

Yours faithfully,
Cheddi (Joey) Jagan (Jr)

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