Personalised politics hampers national development

Dear Editor,
The Amaila Falls Hydro Project is for the benefit of the people and the nation because, as we know, the motto is ‘One People, One Nation One Destiny.’ Yet, the PPP/C and APNU have no reached parliamentary consensus relative to the project. One of the hindering factors could be personalised politics. Over the years, personalised politics has been impeding political unity from the grassroots up to the top.  This is evident as figureheads and parties are inclined to see themselves instead of seeing the people.

Owing to this attitude, parties try to go it alone or do it alone as a strategy to gain political points and plaudits, until the going becomes tough to the point where the support of the opposition and the people becomes indispensable to achieving our national goals, objectives, etc.

The nation should not have been reminded that the PNC’s hydroelectricity project failed.  Instead we should have focused our attention on the Amaila Hydro Project to ensure that it would not be a failure.  But according to local media, Amaila has also failed, so far.

Personalised politics particularly during campaigns causes speakers  to say that other parties have failed but our party will succeed or has succeeded.  Such remarks continue to breed recrimination, antagonism and selfishness, and are consequently hampering national development.
Yours faithfully,
George Carrington

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