Shacks on the government reserve in Novar and Dundee should be removed

Dear Editor,
I work away from home during the fasting month of Ramadan, and I came home to attend church. The church is separated from a workshop and washbay by a fence, and during church hours we are bombarded by the banging of tools, etc, and noise from a pressure washer. The person also parks his truck on the pavement of the road so pedestrians cannot use the sidewalk and have to go on the public road to walk.

I read in the Sunday Chronicle about someone who visited the area; he painted a rosy picture of Dundee Village. These people come talk to someone from the council then go back and write a lot of nonsense. They should go around the place and talk to residents, not just sit with an official to gather information. Just a week ago I wanted to go to the village barber, but I could not pass with my car, I had to walk because large heaps of sand and stone had been dumped on the road.

I understand this was for some extension of Novar school ‒ we give and take, and the problem is not the building materials; on both sides of the road are shacks which I understand are shops. How can such a thing be allowed on the street preventing people access to go about their business?  Had it not been for these buildings on the government reserve I would have been able to go to the barber with my car.  In the newspaper you see the minister removing illegal constructions on government reserve. The Minister should visit this area and have a first-hand look at what’s happening.  The people should have mobile push-carts to ply their trade. All over Dundee and Novar there are obstructions.  Come on APNU and AFC, kindly help.
Yours faithfully,
Asim Mohamed

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