Dear Editor,

I live on First Avenue Block X Great Diamond facing west. For some months I have observed that my front patio, front windows, and walls have been covered with a thin film of black soot. Cleaning is not a one shot operation, but must be continuously carried out. In fact, the patio and furniture there have to be cleaned daily.

Over the past two weeks there has been an increase in the quantity of soot deposited. I made serious efforts to locate the source. It was observed that just before or after 7 am thick black smoke bellows from the Demerara Distillers Ltd compound situated on the East Bank highway.

Seconds after these emissions the soot can be seen on the areas I described. After cleaning, on some days this large emission of smoke occurs periodically during the day. I deliberately checked the affected areas that are normally covered with soot prior to these emissions. No evidence of soot. However, after the puffs of thick black smoke the place is covered with soot.

Other householders on First Avenue confirm similar situations. I am certain a comment elicited from the named company will be a plain and blunt disclaimer to being the cause.

It would be easy for anyone to verify this situation by visiting the areas on First Avenue affected. I have not spoken to anyone east of First Avenue. I have confirmed that householders in the section nearest to the company’s operation, to the east of the East Bank highway and west of First Avenue suffer the same nuisance.

I respectfully ask that some investigation into the veracity of my claim and due relief be afforded all of us suffering this nuisance.


Yours faithfully,
Mahadeo Deokinandan

 Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to Demerara Distillers Ltd for any comment they might wish to make.

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