Gravity Bar should have two or three more exits

Dear Editor,

We continue to witness systems and institutions which are in place to serve us, disappear, but this is nothing new. Society lost its way a long time ago and there are many instances that remind us daily of this. I seek answers to two recent issues that I think have gone unnoticed by institutions which should be in place to ensure that all is well.

One has to do with the franchiser of the fast food chain KFC doing an inspection and finding all sorts of transgressions at several of the outlets which I will not repeat here. What is lacking in all of this is the absence of a statement from our very own Food and Drug Department which has the responsibility of inspecting restaurants and other eateries. One wonders now if this happened at one food place what is happening at others that are going

unnoticed. How it is that KFC’s actions went under the radar for so long and we had to wait until their franchiser came? It is just unacceptable.

Something else boggles my mind. This has to do with the new bar, Gravity, that has opened on Household Plus Mall. It is a welcome entertainment and hang-out spot and my visit to the bar was pleasant, no complaints. But I am concerned about that one entry-exit into the bar; it is very worrying. To have one elevator for entry and exit into a bar three or four stories up should not have gone unnoticed by the Guyana Fire Service.

I commend the bar but I wish they would designate two or three other exits. I would also wish that the Guyana Fire Service would explain how they approved of such a plan.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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