Why is the Lima Road not linking up with the Railway Embankment?

Dear Editor,

The residents of Jonestown Mahaica would like to thank you for assisting them in getting their road (Lima Road) repaired. We recall that you did several articles on this road and also carried pictures of the deplorable state of the road. We the residents also went as a delegation to the Minister of Public Works Mr Robeson Benn and left pictures of the road with him.

Now years later we see a contractor has begun doing some work on the road. However while we are grateful for work being done on the road I must say that we are dissatisfied with how things have gone so far. In the first place there seems to be a deliberate effort to exclude us from monitoring the project. Editor, we are hearing that the road would not be linking up with the Railway Embankment Highway and that it will only go to a certain point. This is totally dissatisfying to us and smacks of political discrimination because other communities which are thought to be aligned to the governing party have their roads done right up to the new Railway Embankment Highway. The other thing is the contractor seems to feel he is doing us a favour, because work is being done at a snail’s pace. I invite the media to come and talk to the residents and you will hear for yourselves what the people have to say.

Editor, we urge the authorities to deal with us in an even-handed way; we are not beggars or stepchildren, we are Guyanese citizens with legitimate expectations. We know of other communities which were and are involved in the works being carried out in their area by being invited to the signing of the contract and provided with the Bill Of Quantities (document showing scope of works to be done).

Editor we hope it is not the intention to exclude the residents of Jonestown Mahaica in monitoring a project that is intended for their benefit, and that the authorities will read this letter and make an effort to include us rather that exclude us.


Yours faithfully,
Earle Lambert
For the residents of Jonestown, Mahaica

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