Broomes could file an official complaint at the DPP office

Dear Editor,

Please permit me to respond to a letter published in Stabroek News on August 30,  captioned, ‘The DPP and TIP should investigate action taken by police in arresting Simona Broomes.’  The functions of the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions are provided for under Article 187 of the Constitution of Guyana and do not include investigations of criminal matters.

This notwithstanding, if Ms Broomes feels that an injustice has been meted out to her, we invite her through this medium, to visit our office where she will be able to file an official complaint. It is on that basis that we can request the police file on Ms Broomes’ matter to be sent to the DPP’s Chambers for legal advice.

Yours faithfully,
Liz Rahaman
Communications Officer
DPP Chambers

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