Granger should follow up on his call for an integrated programme for job creation and a national youth policy

Dear Editor,

I applaud the call by APNU’s Leader, Mr David Granger for an integrated, comprehensive programme for job creation and a national youth policy to address Guyana’s education crisis.

The whimsical, ad hoc approach of the last two decades has failed miserably to address the complex interconnected issues.

The results of the failed approaches are clear: many of our youths are functionally illiterate. Basic numeracy skills are sadly lacking. Guyanese cannot find jobs, well-paying or otherwise. Crime is spiralling out of control. Frustration and despair are a feature of the lives of the majority of Guyanese, who simply cannot make ends meet.

The lucky few may find a low-paying job. There are university graduates working as sales staff in stores for the minimum wage. Is this what we want for our country?

Out of the meagre wages rent must be paid, food and medicine bought, children must be cared for, a little must be put away for a rainy day. No wonder the rates of suicide and violence are so high; we just cannot cope with the economic pressures. Our minds are falling apart at the seams.

Mr Granger named the ferment of programmes the PPP/C have embarked on. He named the numerous ministries involved. However, none of the ministries is cooperating with the other. The result is a litany of half-baked ideas without any coordination or focus.

The failures to address the problems facing Guyana’s youth can only result in further social decline and increasing desperation. As it is, Guyanese are desperate enough, we cannot take any more.

I implore Mr Granger to follow up on this issue; the PPP/C have had two decades to address the problems and have failed abysmally. The youths of Guyana desperately need an advocate and are counting on Mr Granger, to follow his words with action in the National Assembly and wherever else he has influence.

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

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