The country and future do not belong to any political party

Dear Editor,

Guyanese must wake up and realize that bad politics have killed our country (whether Indian, African, Amerindian, etc) and we need to stand up and take back Guyana.  The only thing standing in our way of a better Guyana is collective grassroots engagement in determining our own destinies.  Our country and our future do not belong to any political party, they belong to us and we must all work together as well as sacrifice for a better future.

The struggle and sacrifice is not against any political party, it is against bad governance, corruption, low salaries, racism, etc, that are being perpetuated by a group of irresponsible persons who could not care less about the well-being of the majority of Guyanese. In fact their concern is political power and keeping the beautiful people of Guyana dependent and fighting against one another.

The time has come for a movement of solidarity, a movement that dares to re-write our history and carve a harmonious destiny.  We do not have to suffer as we currently are, we do not have to beg favours of any government and we certainly do not have to depend on any government to live in prosperity. We do this by choice because every election we put people into power that use us.

Let us rewrite what our country and engagement means to us. Let us stand up for justice, prosperity and unity; this is all that is standing in our way.

Yours faithfully,
Mike Archer

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