In solidarity with UG unions over dismissal of Chief Accountant

Dear Editor,

With reference to the immediate dismissal of UG’s Bursar and Chief Accountant, the Secretary of the University of Guyana Students’ Society (UGSS) made a comment which can be read online. The Secretary stated that natural justice is important and the persons fired should have been allowed to present themselves before the relevant committee to answer to the charges laid before them.

He further stated that he was not sure if there are any charges which are known to Seeram and Bentinck or if they had committed any crime.

Editor, I wish to ask the Secretary of UGSS one very simple question: was Ganesh Mahipaul charged with any crime and if so was he allowed to present himself before the relevant authorities to answer to the charge/s laid before him? The answer is no. This double standard is highly unacceptable and speaks volumes about the intentions of UGSS.

Notwithstanding the above, I stand in solidarity with the UG unions over the unfortunate dismissal of the Chief Accountant. Mrs Bentick was recently appointed to that prestigious position and I know for a fact that she has been constantly venting her frustration with regard to the manner in which the bursary was carrying out its functions.

This extraordinary lady has always, for the years I have known her, acted with professionalism. She had UG at heart and kept it afloat.

Editor, what I believe the Council should have done and can still do, is carry out an investigation to ascertain why is it that the bursary was functioning so inefficiently. This investigation I am certain will reveal that the bursary staff were not allowed to effectively perform their duties.


Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Adjtya Mahipaul
Former UGSS President

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