Shops and stores should be open 12 hours a day

Dear Editor,

Each day you open the newspaper, it is always about the Amaila Hydro Project. As a Guyanese, I stopped reading about it a few weeks ago, and I am sure many other Guyanese have stopped too; it is like children writing each other, trying to justify something. In life, people do not want to hear what the issues are, they need solutions. I remember many years ago my boss telling me, do not bring problems to me, tell me what are the solutions to deal with those problems.

It is good to read that Qualfon will be opening a new office at Providence, possibly in the next two years. If it is true that 6000 people will be employed, or even ½ of that number, it is still good for the working class in Guyana.

Now, to discuss more on the subject of this letter, I would like to make some suggestions to the private sector, Ministry of Labour and all those involved in helping to reduce the nation’s unemployment and share the pie to almost everyone.

Almost all the developed countries have stores, shops, supermarkets, malls, bars, etc, which are open 12 or more hours per day. They have employees on a double shift system (6 hours per shift).

In this way, more people would be employed which would help the government and the country, while with longer opening hours there would be increased sales, and therefore profits. It would cater for workers who need to shop late, and also for family shopping.

The Guyana government should work with the private sector to change business hours in the commercial sector, possibly from 8am to 8pm.

The security sector should be involved in the discussion for the protection for all. This could also be a benefit for those wishing to work part time, such as young people going to university and  parents who do not need a full-time job.

Families will have more spending opportunities and will be able to support the family better, which could reduce many social issues affecting the country.

Yours faithfully,
A Whyte