Authorities need to deal with noise nuisance in Betsy Ground

Dear Editor,

Noise nuisance continues to be a major problem countrywide, even though it would require minimum effort to curtail it, hence it reflects poorly on the performance of the relevant minister and police force.  The fact that appropriate action is not taken is unpardonable indeed and reflects indifference to the suffering people endure.

With respect to the ‘Fountain of Life’ church in Betsy Ground, East Canje, Berbice letters to the press and numerous reports at the Reliance Police Station have not restrained the assault on residents’ peace and quiet.  No action has been taken.

On the contrary, the police are quick to harass residents when the church reports anyone playing music or as happened recently when a carpenter was using the tools of his profession ‒ an electric plane ‒ just for a short while during a midweek church activity.

The tranquillity of Betsy Ground has been trampled upon by this bullysim and insensitivity. Is this not lawlessness?

Residents are appealing to the authorities to enforce the noise nuisance law and get the polluters to tone down, construct sound-proof buildings or relocate in the mountains or hills.  There are lots of unpopulated areas. Minister Rohee has an opportunity to have his name become synonymous  with the curtailing of noise nuisance by doing all that is necessary to rein in this countrywide disturbance and outrage.  No rocket science is required.

The drums are deafening and the utterances disgusting.  How quiet it was over the last two weeks first because of a blackout, and second because members went on some errand.

Yours faithfully,
M Sookraj