Dear Editor,

I have to admit to total agreement with the grand decision by Judge Chang on the cross-dressing case. As I had written on the Henry Greene rape allegation, the Judge has shown courage and perspicacity in a ruling that goes to define the quality of the jurisprudence this country develops.

A note that, on the government side, Attorney General Anil Nandlall, by the cases he had addressed to the courts, would also have contributed to a clarification of our legal and constitutional character and the relationships between the executive, the parliament, the courts, etc. Huge questions that challenge the better legal minds of the world.

Ian Chang, and this without having read the decision, moves the question from an anti-gay defence to one of the right of every citizen to, as I had written on the issue “gird and garland” as he sees fit, and is therefore not a question of liberating anyone’s mind from a colonial mental slavery. There are other ways to do that. A question that arises upon the revelation by Leon Suseran that he is one: Can one confess to having serially broken the law (if that is what he said) and stalk the land without fear of arrest? One notes that in his literary blog Vidyaratha Kissoon has an interesting piece on “coming out.” The blog is worth reading for the prose and the narrative style and commentary.

Yours faithfully,
Abu Bakr

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