Constant noise nuisance in Angoy’s Avenue

Dear Editor,

We wish to highlight a disturbing situation in our neighbourhood (Angoy’s Avenue) that has been continuing for a number of years. We are exasperated with the lawlessness. For several years we have been making countless reports to the central Police Station about the noise nuisance, but to date no action has been taken.

The police are often called; however, they are very reluctant to do their jobs which includes taking one’s report, which is seen as a joke. Very often when calls are made they are either left unanswered or the officer hangs up the telephone.

In many instances they say that they are sending a patrol; however, the patrols fail to turn up and the music continues. Why must we suffer and have our rights violated by having sleepless nights with the loud, continuous and repetitive playing of irritating lawless (cursing) music from residents who live within the community.

The most affected are youths who are working long hours, students, the elderly and those who are nocturnal staff (security guards, nurses, etc). Unfortunately, those affected are often times victimized for speaking out against the unbecoming behaviour.

Why can’t we enjoy the peace and comfort of our homes listening to our radio and television at volumes that are respectable for all residents? Why do we have to feel as if we are in a sound systems clash?

The Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee stated on May 29, 2013, that he would ensure that the laws would be applied where necessary and that it is the responsibility of the Guyana Police Force to enforce the laws against noise nuisance, particularly when reports are made at police stations. As concerned youths, we would like to appeal to the law enforcement officers who have taken the oath to serve and protect the well-being of all citizens to take a firmer stance against persons who are guilty of committing noise nuisance, especially in Angoy’s Avenue  so that our community members can all enjoy a peaceful and safer environment.


Yours faithfully,
Renuka Yadram
Joel Amstersdam
Garfield Charles Pollydore,
Lotoya Williams
Lauristan Choy


Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee for any comment he might wish to make.

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