Poor maintenance of the bauxite washer pond causing flooding in Rainbow City and Retrieve

Dear Editor,

While it is known Linden is somewhat on higher ground than Georgetown and many other places within Guyana, it is still subject to flooding from time to time when it rains heavily. Quite recently, heavy rainfall caused the bauxite washer pond to overflow its banks, resulting in the flooding of the Linden Highway between Kara-Kara Bridge and Rainbow City.

Some time ago, I indicated by way of a letter to the Stabroek News, that poor or no maintenance of the washer pond which is the source of the Hymara and the Cockatara creek would cause flooding in Rainbow City, Retrieve Industrial Area and the Constab farming area.

Not so long ago, Bosai Incorporated cleaned a portion of the Hymara Creek which was not done properly and was never completed. Cockatara Creek was also cleaned, but bauxite waste is still put in both creeks and residents in Rainbow City and Retrieve are affected.

It is very noticeable between the Bosai north gate and the Washer Pond Road, the Cockatara Creek is so filled with waste that if there is a shortage of processed Bauxite we could look not too far from the National Insurance Scheme building, Linden to mine some.

The Region Ten administration and the Mayor and Town Council need to be involved in all works and projects. Lindeners are aware the pipe-laying exercise is for our benefit, but why should we be subjected to a huge concentration of dust pollution for an unlimited period? I suggest our roads be washed in order to keep the dust down which is giving us coughs, skin irritation and dust in our homes.

Another issue in Linden is the improper construction of roads and hollow blocks drains which must be looked at as a crime against honest taxpayers. Do our politicians care? If so, why are these things still happening and when will it end?


Yours faithfully,
B Winslow Parris

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