Prompt police work would solve many crimes

Dear Editor,

Prompt decisive police work would solve many a seemingly unsolvable crime. The point cannot be overemphasized: slothful, negligent behaviour on the part of the force have seen many crimes go unpunished. The police are the ones who ought to stand guard ready to get the lawbreaker before he seizes the opportunity to do wrong. They are the watchdogs of society who should be willing and able to get the wrongdoers.

Now, there are ways to upset the criminals’ whole scheme of things, and it all comes from what I’ve alluded to, namely, prompt sleuthing operations that would leave the criminal flat-footed and totally bereft of hiding places and excuses. In the present scheme of things the police wait for a crime to be   committed then go in a mad rush to get the perpetrator. It is nothing short of a waste of time. The criminal of today is too good a planner and is more sophisticated than the police.

In this regard the police ought to go out there and get the criminal, take the crime fight to them. I speak not of the well-scheduled operations like those done at Houston, where the criminal knows the drill and easily evades the cordon. I am speaking of going to the criminals’ hideaway and getting the firearm, by which means he can be arrested too ‒ nipping it in the bud before the inevitable happens. Guyana is too small a place for the criminals to have the upper hand. Those who are in law enforcement should have a planned initiative to get these guns off our streets.

This is the way forward for Guyana, failing which we will continue to experience the doom and gloom that presently envelops society.


Yours faithfully,
Neil Adams

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