Does the government have a plan to privatize the loss-making Guyana Post Office Corporation?

Dear Editor,

The process of privatizing the United Kingdom Royal Mail through a stock market flotation will begin in the coming weeks, the United Kingdom government confirms, and many Guyanese are wondering if our government has a plan to do likewise with the perennial loss-making Guyana Post Office Corporation.

Many of our friends do agree that our loss-making post offices throughout the country are a financial burden on all taxpayers and are not making any significant financial contributions to Guyana. In fact it is a loss-making entity that has been an additional burden on all Guyanese workers for many years now. It also suffers lots of burglaries, ie break and enter crimes which in the end are financial losses for all Guyanese taxpayers. At present the Post Office Corporation management with its many directors and postmasters/mistresses is too much of a financial loss and a mockery of profit-making capitalism. In addition it is inefficient in its delivery of services. Mail is still being lost or broached and/or not delivered. The banks are fast replacing many of the services that were offered by our beleaguered GPOC. For how long would the poor taxpayers carry the financial losses of our inefficient post offices?

Yours faithfully,
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