The city council and the administration have been co-operating

Dear Editor,

Mr Ranwell Jordan’s unanimous election as acting Mayor of Georgetown has revealed the following:

Firstly, freed of the presence of the two Greens ‒ Patricia and Hamilton ‒ the city council could do its business in the normal constructive way.  Secondly, the council and the administration, after many years, have demonstrated to the citizens that they could act in a unified and co-operative way. Such co-operation used to be the norm in the good days of the Council.

Thirdly, the council, led by its eminence grise ‒ its elder statesman Llewlyn John ‒ praised the qualities and achievement of the acting Town Clerk and by implication, admitted her remarkable fortitude and courage in the face of the persecution to which she was so unjustly subjected.

It is now expected that the acting Town Clerk would be allowed to perform her duties without let or hindrance and would be given the support and co-operation of the council and the Ministry of Local Government. Such support is necessary in addressing the widespread corruption in the municipality, the garbage problem, the illegal street vendors and the drainage problem, among others.

She would of course not be expected to cleanse the Augean Stables of the muck and filth which had been accumulating over 30 years in one or two years, but the start she has made is salutary. The councillors and the Ministry of Local Government must however ensure that on the return of the absent members, their negative stratagems against the acting Town Clerk must be nipped in the bud.

Yours faithfully,
R Williams

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