Dear Editor,

I continue to be dismayed by the monotonous outpourings of some letter writers to your newspaper who seem incapable of even looking at our Guyanese situation from any other perspective than their own narrow-minded, holier-than-thou positions.

Apart from the questionable validity of the negative hypercritical stance they have adopted in their voluminous offerings, I wonder whether they are even qualified to comment on our internal affairs.  I cannot recall any positive contribution the Roses, Singhs, Maxwells, Hinds, etc, have made to Guyanese advancement.

I would like to repeat my previous proposal that those who feel they know better than the actors in the government must realise that they have a real obligation to offer their services to improve the situation, rather than stand back and try to gain prominence by just condemning and disparaging, which approach can only lead to degradation both internally and externally.

I would like to commend the recent line taken by your newspaper to air as many different viewpoints as possible, as this can only result in an inclusive discourse among our people and pave the way for unity and harmony within our nation.

Yours faithfully,
Roy Paul

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