GPL should publish blackout schedules in the media so residents can organize themselves accordingly

Dear Editor,

The GPL authorities need to understand that many persons work all week and most times the only day they have to do household chores is Sunday, in addition to which not everyone is equipped with tanks for the storage of water.  I am a resident of East Coast of Demerara and most Sundays I am stressed and angry because there is no current until the late evening hours or  9 in the night.  By that time water will not be restored, or only restored for a very short period.   This is most disgusting.  I can’t understand why GPL’s scheduled maintenance work has to be done on Sundays only; what do they do all week when persons are at work?

The other distressing matter is that in the evenings the power goes off and comes back on almost  every 2 to 5 minutes in succession.  This will happen approximately 4 to 5 times in one evening, and affects household equipment.  Who will repair/purchase this equipment when it is damaged?  Not GPL!  If a report is made, you have to submit the exact time and date, then they will have to launch an investigation and months later they will send you a letter through the post to say that based on their investigation, they are not responsible for the damage to your equipment.  I can say this for a fact because some years ago I experienced the same issue with GPL.  They are never responsible for their actions.

GPL needs to be more responsible, understanding and considerate.  They have to put out a schedule in the media to alert residents to future power outages so that the residents will know how to adjust themselves accordingly.  As said above, they also need to take into consideration that many persons are at work all week and are only home on Sundays.  Our economy is such where both parties have to have jobs; gone are the days where wives will be at home to take care of responsibilities in the house while the husbands go out and work.


Yours faithfully,
Peggy Singh

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