Those who benefit from government scholarships should understand they are the servants of Guyanese

Dear Editor,

I’m a proud Guyanese who is expressing my congratulations to the many doctors and professionals who recently returned with honour, after studying away from families, relatives and friends for years in the socialist island of Cuba, which has had an embargo imposed upon it for fifty years.

These former students are now exposed to the world of work and are still students in their different fields and are posted at various hospitals and institutions which should make people more comfortable as we visit these many centres.

I want to say that without the taxpayers those scholarships would have never been possible, therefore, they should understand they are employees and servants of the people of Guyana, whom they must serve and to whom they should give their respect.

Many professionals, after qualifying and returning home have to repay the cost of their study, and others, after their contracts have been completed, leave Guyana for greener pastures, only to discover the green is not as green as they were told, although they are ashamed to return home to face the criticism.

Guyana is a beautiful, wonderful and free country, but politics, politicians and greedy businesspeople feed on our weaknesses.  No country is perfect. Many Guyanese believe that the USA is the land of milk and honey.  Let it be known, all cows don’t produce milk and all honey does not taste the same.

I’m a patriotic Guyanese and it is my belief that every person given a government scholarship must return to serve their people with dignity and pride, not forgetting the contributions all of Guyana has made towards their development.  It is now the responsibility of those in authority to acquire the necessary equipment and provide the training which would enhance their skills, and which would in the near future, prevent us from travelling overseas for specialist treatment.

Before being critical of our slow development, we need to read the history of the USA, the British, the French and Chinese in order to understand that nothing comes from nothing and nothing comes easily.  Guyanese are jumping from country to country infringing the legacy that was provided by their founding fathers.

Our country is filled with foreign items, many of which can be produced locally.  Goods coming out of China can be seen everywhere in Guyana and we are asking why, and how come.

The Chinese are a people dedicated towards a cause and it should be known, dedication bring success and happiness.

When our children become qualified in a particular field and are employed and have contractual arrangements, after those contracts expire many leave to join the foreign band overseas while we are left without those specialists only for them to be replaced by foreigners who fall in love with our freedom and hospitality and perform well. Guyanese have become very foreign minded and highly political, and it seems we have lost our focus on the challenges ahead of us.

It was said many years ago, the destiny of man is written in the stars, but how stupid are we to be importing plantain chips. We must stop talking and start producing.

Yours faithfully,
B Winslow Parris

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