Why was Nandlall omitted from the PPP Executive Committee?

Dear Editor,

I had commented shortly after the 2006 election, in a letter captioned the ABC of politics, on Ms Gomatie Singh’s lament that the leadership of the AFC did not keep faith with her when they denied her a seat in parliament.

Ms Singh complained that her hard election work was not rewarded and I ended my letter with the ditty:

“The faithful foot soldier party leaders adore

When election’s work to be done but never more

When election’s over, time for spoils to be righted

Foot soldier is forgotten after being slighted”

I recalled this episode when I noted the shocking omission of Mr Anil Nandall from the 15-member Executive Committee of the PPP.

Mr Nandlall scored the fourth highest number of votes at the recent party election of the Central Committee and by any account, is in the forefront, both in defence and counter-offence of the government and party.

I am told his work on the ground for the geographical area he is allotted lacks no industry.

One is therefore left to wonder what is the rite of passage by which a leading comrade is admitted to the sanctum sanctorum of the PPP.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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