Both the government and opposition want to develop Guyana

Dear Editor,

May I take this opportunity to ask President Donald Ramotar to remember that although the political opposition would like to replace the People’s Progressive Party/Civic in government to pursue their own development agenda, they want what he wants. That is, to develop Guyana so that once again it is among the premier countries in the Caribbean.

It is a start to remember that the political opposition wants what the government wants and as such consensus politics can be practised. Let’s start looking at where we can work together rather than to continuing to oppose each other. Consensus politics allows us to co-operate, developing mutual trust, mutual understanding and mutual respect.

The government is not good and the opposition bad. Likewise, the opposition is not good and the government bad.

We all have our differing points of view. Let’s talk, disagree, argue, get upset, scratch our heads and come up with solutions to our many problems. We really should start working together.

Compromise ‒ it’s a start, not the end.

Yours faithfully,
Sean McLean

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