GPL needs new generators for Bartica

Dear Editor,     

A number of residents have expressed to the Bartica United Youth Development Group (BUYDG) their disappointment with GPL over hours and days of unscheduled blackouts and the lack of notice about these.  A lot of business owners have complained about the loss of food items such as ice cream, different types of meat, etc, as a consequence of the continuous blackouts.

Editor BUYDG told the residents that we believe the reason for the continuous blackouts is because the population in Bartica is growing very fast and a lot of new homes and business places have being constructed over the years. I further said that GPL is not equipped with proper generators to supply Bartica with adequate electricity.
Some GPL (Bartica branch) employees told BUYDG that the present generators that GPL is using to supply the community with electricity are very old and consume a lot of fuel, in addition to which they break down often.

Editor, GPL needs to purchase new generators since the present ones are very expensive to maintain, and taxpayers’ money continues to be wasted on the heavy fuel consumption and the purchase of parts. Some time last month members of BUYDG saw a few trucks in front and at the side of GPL loaded with what appeared to be old or used generators and parts; these were taken into the GPL building. Shortly after this the members met with a worker of GPL and I asked him the purpose of the items, and he indicated they were to be used for the upgrading of GPL.

The BUYDG will be proposing a meeting with the management of GPL to discuss mechanisms to be put in place to correct the present situation, since the objective is to explore all avenues in developing Bartica and to negotiate with the government and the leaders of this region to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for the residents and the youths of Bartica.

In closing we wish to state that we are the youth of the next generation, so let’s develop Bartica together as one people, one nation, one destiny. Our motto is: United youth stand together.’

Yours faithfully,
Micah Williams

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