‘I shall be willing to assist the Rodney inquiry as a witness’

Dear Editor,

It has just come to my attention by email that the Commission of Inquiry into the violent unnatural death of Dr Walter Rodney, cutting him down before his prime of life, is about to be appointed. This is not official information but it is noteworthy, as it also follows from the government’s previous announcement.

As even then an elder who supported this activist of a younger generation, I wish to let the public know that  once I am permitted by the disabilities of advanced age, I shall be willing to assist  the Inquiry as a witness, provided people I respect regard the commission when appointed as credible  in composition, requirements and terms of reference. The cost of travel will be a control factor but the High Court, the most formal institution, now allows in certain cases testimony through distance technology.  As most people know, I am not apologetic about my association with the late prophet of self-emancipation.

Yours faithfully,
Eusi Kwayana

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