Citizens must demand that government take initiatives against crime

Dear Editor,

The life of another citizen of Guyana has been snuffed out at the hands of bandits. This time it is the elderly Majid of Corentyne ‒ it should be noted that Berbice has been under attack by bandits for quite a while now. This incident happened just days after the Commissioner of Police told citizens not to press the panic button.

While it is heartening to note that some criminals were captured recently, it must be said that this only occurred after the panic button was hit by citizens. It is therefore important that the citizens of Guyana become more vociferous in their protest against this situation.

The news report on the demise of the elderly Majid underscores the need for all citizens to become more vigilant and to band together to prevent these crimes. It is becoming increasingly clear that the police are very reactive and lethargic in their response to crimes so citizens have to demand that initiatives be taken by the government to change this situation. Such initiatives must also be supported by everyone.

Yours faithfully,
B Rahaman

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