Dear Editor,

Edward Snowden, in making public American NSA illegal and intrusive monitoring activities around the world, has shown the true America. The disclosed NSA activities, along with the WikiLeaks releases, show the disdain America has for your country’s leaders and citizens as well as those of other countries. The comments made by American officials show that the US government is not sorry it conducted the intrusions. It is only sorry it was caught.

The American Congress and Senate have knowingly ignored the NSA violations.

You and your nation’s leaders would be right to question American intentions, both military and economic, in your country. You have the right to say “no” to foreign intrusions.  If you are aware of foreign activity in your country please inform not only your own media but the international media.

Trust can take so long to earn. And be lost so easily. It is unfortunate that the US has not learned this lesson.

As the US government seeks to vilify Edward Snowden, you should consider him a hero.

Yours faithfully,
John F Frenzel   

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