Is the AFC leadership beginning to realize the great disservice they have done to their party?

Dear Editor,

As the AFC continues to lose supporters, including high profile ones, I hope their leadership is finally beginning to realise the great disservice they have done to their party and indeed, the whole country.

The inept management of the Nigel and Cathy Hughes conflicts of interest, the indefensible decision to vote with the PPP/C on key issues and their failure to correct their mistakes may have condemned Guyana to another term of PPP/C autocratic government.

Prior to the cascade of bad decisions by the AFC, I was almost certain that any snap elections would have resulted in greater losses for the PPP/C. Now, I am not so sure. Former PPP/C supporters who defected to the AFC in 2011 may have left the AFC in droves as a result of their ill-advised flip-flopping on policy. The PPP/C would have benefited by default. If snap elections were held today, the PPP/C could well regain a parliamentary majority, sending us back to square one and condemning Guyanese to more suffering under this regime.

The AFC have done Guyanese a great wrong. I keep wondering what is holding up Mr Ramjattan’s resignation.

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

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