Have any reports been made to the ‘I paid a bribe’ hotline?

Dear Editor,
Is it a year, or more, since we learned that a channel had been set up for reporting corruption, featuring a hotline under the rubric ‘I paid a bribe.’ After the widespread cynical laughter, many of us have been looking forward to learning the results of that initiative. Can anyone point to any published instances of reports made and investigated? Or to any action at all by the institutions constitutionally mandated to combat the crime of bribery of a public officer?

How do we keep our public servants in line? Partly by letting them know the public is watching them. By reporting loudly and widely every impropriety committed against the people’s interest. By reminding those on the public payroll whom they’re working for. Elections or no elections.
This has always been part of your mission, Editor, and our duty to help you in it.

Yours faithfully,
Gordon Forte

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