Time to start working together

Dear Editor,

It was indeed refreshing to see the call by Sean McLean in his recent letter in your columns for a compromise between the government and opposition for the sake of progress in Guyana.

What I find worthy of comment is that, while the opposition may “want what the government wants” (presumably the greater good of Guyana), they seem to be perennially opposing all of the government’s attempts to improve the general situation for the express purpose of causing them to fail, and so hasten their own access to the corridors of power.  This policy is causing so much stagnation that, even if they do succeed in their subtle approach to our politics, they will have inherited a country which would have been much more advanced if they had shared Mr McLean’s proposition of developing mutual trust, understanding and respect.

Just as he feels, I firmly believe that it is time we all “start working together” so as to develop our beloved country to its maximum potential or, as one letter-writer posits, to make it “the Singapore of South America.”

Yours faithfully,
Roy Paul

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