Vagrants should not be allowed on the pavements around Parliament Building

Dear Editor,

It hurts me whenever I pass our Parliament Building and see vagrants, people with mental problems, the destitute and beggars lying and sitting on the walkways. It’s insulting and tells a really different story about our politicians that gather there; how caring they are towards their fellow men and women, their countrymen. This is unacceptable; it makes you question if these politicians really care, and if they do, well let us see a change, let us see some action and get these people off the streets or clean them up. These politicians have the know-how to get it done, or do they have to haggle about that too in the parliament? Human beings are a resource also, but here in Guyana they are not treated as if human life has value ‒ oh, only at election time, which is sad. These guys need to look at the word ‘minister’ and see what it really means; they are so puffed up and egocentric. It’s time for a change; start from the Parliament Building and clear its walkways since it reflects Guyana as a whole. Once our house inside and the yard are clean we don’t seem to care about what goes on around us. Oh, and these parliamentarians don’t walk, so they don’t encounter these sights or else the people are removed when parliament is in session. If they can be removed temporarily then they can be removed permanently.

Yours faithfully,
D L Renville

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