Waiting three weeks for repair of GT&T line burst by container truck

Dear Editor,

To Christpen Bobb-Semple, the latest (publicised) victim of the monopoly Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company, I extend sympathy, solidarity and support (‘Problem with GT&T service,’ SN, September 23).

Coincidentally, 5 pages later in the same edition of SN there is a whole page advertisement in which GT&T attempts to show that it is superior to The Other Network. By a clever sleight-of hand, however, the beginning of the graph is not shown; hence the reader is denied full information.

I have three matters currently engaging the attention of GT&T, one of which rather parallels Christpen Bobb-Semple’s overpayment situation.

But I keep hoping for better days.

After all, it is only just over three weeks since a passing container truck burst the line providing telephone service to my home and I reported it to GT&T and was given a reference number. Telephone (along with internet) service has not yet been restored. And I live just half a mile from GT&T.

Heaven help us all!

Yours faithfully,
George N Cave

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