Dear Editor,


It was good of your newspaper to publish in yesterday’s edition, 23rd September the letter in relation to Halaal meats to accommodate Muslims in Guyana, but please note it was written as you would have seen on the letterhead of Bait-Ur-Rahma (House of Mercy), which institution  is situated in the compound of Queenstown  Jumu’h Masjid. It has been in existence for the last eighteen years serving the cause of Islam and lending support to non-Muslims as well in the fields of medicine, clothing and food, and also taking a caravan once per month with doctors, pharmacists, etc, to all parts of Guyana, to alleviate suffering.

As a result please understand the signatory to that letter is not the Chairman of the Queenstown Masjid but Chairman of the Bait-Ur-Rahma.  Kindly publish this correction.


Yours faithfully,
S M V Nasseer


Editor’s note

We apologize for the error.

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