Dear Editor,

Glory be!  Alleluia!

Some pixie men came this morning, leaned a pixie ladder against a new post that had been planted opposite my house, mounted it, did various gymnastics and then departed.

Shortly afterwards, other pixie men came, mounted another pixie ladder and extended a life-saving gossamer that snaked across the road and was then attached to my house.  And, hey, presto!  On the stroke of high noon today (Tuesday) my telephone service which had become non-existent some three-and-a-half weeks ago after a passing container truck engaged in and won a confrontation with the line leading to my house, was restored.

I wish to thank Christpen Bobb-Semple for drawing to public attention a difficulty with GT&T, and for providing me the opportunity to piggy-back on that difficulty.

I wish to thank Stabroek News, too, for highlighting my dilemma.  Thank you, Stabroek News.

It would be churlish of me not to thank GT&T also, and that I hereby do.

One down; only two other complaints from me left to be settled by GT&T at this time.

Heaven helped us all!

Yours faithfully,
George N Cave

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