GRA offering additional motor vehicle services at its regional offices

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) dispatched a press release on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 with the headline ‘GRA introduces additional motor vehicle services at its Regional offices.’ According to the headline, one could deduce that some of these MV services were already being offered and the authority was simply adding more. This measure has been put in place so as to ensure that persons residing in those areas are provided with the convenience of not having to sometimes travel to GRA’s Georgetown offices to access specific MV transactions.

Your newspaper may have misconstrued the press release and the following day published an article relating to same but with the headline ‘GRA regional offices now offering vehicle related transactions,’ giving the impression that vehicle-related transactions will now be offered at GRA’s regional offices and that this may not have been the case previously.

The GRA wishes to apologise for any information contained within the press release that may have allowed for its message to be deciphered erroneously, but wishes to note that examination of vehicles and some other motor-vehicle-related services were already being offered at its Regional Integrated Offices, the difference being that the purposes for which the vehicles were examined have now been increased along with the services now added to the list such as the issuance of motor vehicle licences for yellow cabs and enclosed goods vehicles.

The services already being offered were the examination of motor vehicles for the purpose of the registration of cycles and agricultural vehicles; transfer of registration; change of use; change of engine; change of colour; duplicate registration and the licensing of motor vehicles.

For further clarifications, please contact GRA’s Public Relations Unit on telephone numbers  227-8222 or 227-6060 Ext: 4203/ 4204

Yours faithfully,
Candace M Field
Communications Officer
Public Relations Unit
Guyana Revenue Authority

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