One person can make a difference

Dear Editor,

I believe one person can make a difference. Here are some examples from history where one person made a difference: In America, Rev Dr Martin Luther King; in South Africa, Nelson Mandela; in Germany, Dietrich Bonhoeffer; in India, Gandhi and Mother Theresa; and in Israel, King David made a difference. Yes, one person can make a difference.

In Guyana, I believe one of the people who can make a difference is GHK Lall. I know what some of you readers are thinking ‒ who is GHK Lall? It’s a fact that most Guyanese don’t know him. The truth is though that most great leaders aren’t known before they become famous.

For example, when Dr King was chosen to lead the Civil Rights movement, he was only 26-years-old, and most people didn’t know him. King David was just a teenager working as shepherd when he was called to lead Israel and most people didn’t know him.

Who is GHK Lall? Please allow me to introduce him to you. I’ve never met him personally only through reading his books, where I’ve learned that he was born in Guyana and was raised in poverty and suffering.

Before remigrating to Guyana, he lived and worked in North America on Wall Street. Although Wall Street is a place known for greed, duplicity, and corruption, Mr Lall wasn’t affected, infected or contaminated by greed, duplicity or corruption. His high moral values helped him to rise above the degradation of that environment. Today, ironically, Mr Lall is known in Guyana for fighting against greed, duplicity and corruption.

Moreover, Mr Lall is a man of noble character. Regarding his character, Mr Lall writes: “First, in my decades as a student and worker, and as employer and borrower, I have never (repeat, never) cheated anyone or on anything.  Second, for any meagre dollar to my name, or any other assets, I can account via an ironclad paper trail as to source and quantum.” How many people can make such a claim and back it up? Do you see why I believe that this man can make a difference and lead Guyana in a new direction?

In addition, he had a successful and exceptional career in North America, before returning to the land of his birth. Rarely does it happen that people who are living in North America return to Guyana to live or to give back to Guyana. But Mr Lall isn’t like most people. He is one of those rare people. He never forgot where he came from and this is why he returned to Guyana to help those who are less fortunate. I know what you’re thinking; what is his ulterior motive or agenda? You just can’t believe people like him still exist without ulterior motives or an agenda.

In closing, I believe that one person can really make a difference. I believe Mr Lall is one of the people who can make a difference in Guyana, if given the opportunity. The reason that I believe that is because of his good character, moral courage, integrity, and leadership skills, which are greatly needed in Guyana.


Yours faithfully,
Anthony Pantlitz

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