PTA meeting was not conducted in a transparent way

Dear Editor,

As a former student of Cotton Tree Primary now residing in Sweden, I attended a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting for my nephew in Grade 5 on Thursday, September 12 at the said school. Sitting in the tenth row among other parents and teachers. I was very much astonished and surprised by the hostile and arrogant behaviour on the part of those within the auditorium. Firstly, the parents were carrying on their own meeting, and there were no agenda, financial report by the outgoing treasurer, or minutes from the secretary. The outgoing chairman failed to identify himself for the benefit of those who do not know him. Then the person who was conducting the meeting appeared not to know how to conduct an election. The newly elected PTA executive, including the chairman did not utter a word.

Quite surprisingly, a man who from my observation was trying to make some valid points, was interrupted by some arrogant and hostile parents/guardians.  As an observer I was ashamed.

Finally the PTA meeting was not conducted in a transparent way; it had been well planned by some of those who were there.

Yours faithfully,
Sandra Devi Singh

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