The PPP/C appears to be making up its own rules

Dear Editor,

As the PPP/C continues to flout Guyana’s laws including the constitution, choosing instead to govern by whim, I hope leaders are prepared for the inevitable reaction of Guyanese citizens.

The ruling party shows no inclination to obey the law. Their refusal to move on the establishment of a Public Procurement Commission, Integrity Commission and Office of the Ombudsman, as required by the constitution are but a few examples.

Moreover, the PPP/C appears to be making up their own rules instead of following statutes. What is the next step, ruling by decree?

The President asserts that he needs a certificate of assent from the Attorney General before signing bills into law. Where did this idea come from? On what law is it based? Did the PPP/C make up that term “certificate of assent?” I never heard it before.

Surely, the PPP/C cannot expect Guyanese to accept this relentless slide into autocratic government by decree. The PPP/C cannot think that the representatives of the Guyanese majority, namely, the parliamentary opposition will lie down and do nothing.

Inevitably, the citizens of Guyana must take a stand to end the increasingly dictatorial actions of the ruling party. I hope that PPP/C leaders are paying attention and taking note.

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

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