APNU is waging psychological warfare

Dear Editor,

The APNU is waging psychological warfare on the Guyanese people.

They can’t beat the PPP/C administration on the social or the economic front, so they are bashing the security sector for political reasons.

Their cloven hooves have been exposed in respect of all the Government of Guyana flagship projects; their duplicity, their double standards, etc, stand bare for all to see.

As for the AFC their credibility has been shattered beyond repair with their Chairman’s fiasco of which there is more to come, apart from the recent defections to the APNU.  That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Both the APNU and AFC are working overtime to create the impression that the PPP/C administration has failed.  In effect it is they who are failing. No one is buying their propaganda line, save, maybe a few of their supporters.

And the APNU is going nowhere with their selective sniping at government’s developmental projects.

Their non-delivery on promises to their supporters and constant threats such as, “We can’t go on like this for five years,” and the assertion that: “They [government] will have to accept the consequences” are aimed at fanning the flames reminiscent of “mo fyah, slow fyah.”

Small wonder why Henry Jeffrey in a column published in the Stabroek News on June 19, 2013  had this to say: “[APNU]…has not developed and/or has not been able to transmit an acceptable vision of the future and its political antics have left many confused…” And the Stabroek News in an editorial published on June 23, 2013 stated: “Although now in the opposition for two decades, the PNC has failed to take the opportunity to regenerate itself or move to secure more ethical ground with an acknowledgement, at least, of its fraudulent past.”

Thus having lost out on all fronts the next best option for the opposition is to seek to create fear and tension in the society. This is manifested in their resort to criminal minds and ‘psy-ops’ to create a sense of discomfort and insecurity in the country.

This explains their sustained and persistent attacks against the security sector and in particular the Ministry of Home Affairs. All of these attacks are therefore politically motivated. Their failure to succeed has forced them to plunge into their bag of dirty tricks.  They have no other option politically.

In so far as the security sector is concerned, neither Mr Granger nor Mr Felix has told us anything we don’t know nor have they recommended anything that we are not doing.  They have nothing new to tell us.  They are barren, they are sailing.

All they do is to condemn, criticise, denigrate and personalize the issues.

They have nothing positive or constructive to suggest.   They simply rehash and regurgitate what is already taking place in the security sector.

Between Granger and Felix it is like the blind leading the blind.

The Minister of Home Affairs is not looking for ‘stars’ from the opposition nor is he seeking after any stellar performance assessed by sections of the media.   On the contrary, it is simply a matter of working hard to make people safe and secure. Mr Felix can go look for ‘stars’; maybe he will find another one as he did when he and his colleague Basil Williams ‘hooked up.’

The denials from the opposition camp in respect to responsibility for any breakdown in law and order have been too frequent and too strong not to attract suspicion;  however, something is  definitely ‘cooking’ and we are on to it.


Yours faithfully,
Clement J Rohee
Minister of Home Affairs

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