Restaurants in Water Street area clogged sewer lines with oil and fat resulting in sewage overflow

Dear Editor,

Guyana Water Incorporated wishes to respond to the letter titled ‘Broken sewerage system disrupts vending at Water Street Mall’ published in the Guyana Times on Friday September 27.

Guyana Water Incorporated regrets the inconvenience our valued customers at the Vendors’ Arcade are experiencing owing to the overflow from the sewer chamber along the Water Street pavement.

This unfortunate incident is due to restaurants in the vicinity releasing fat and oil into the sewer system that has resulted in the clogging of the gravity sewer lines. According to Mr Joseph, Sanitation Manager, “The company has since commenced activities to resolve the situation that includes the return to service of the sewer station that serves the area and the clearing of clogged lines.” These works were hindered by traffic congestion in the area; work has already commenced and the situation will be resolved before the end of the week.

The company would like to take this opportunity to appeal to restaurant owners to desist from releasing fat and oil into the system by ensuring an adequately sized grease trap is installed at their businesses. These grease traps must be closely managed and maintained in order to ensure effective functioning.

GWI wishes to advise that all measures have been implemented to reduce the length of time in which customers will be inconvenienced. The comfort and safety of our customers remains a priority.  GWI’s Health and Safety Unit continues to monitor all safety precautions and measures being executed at the various sites to ensure that customer safety is never compromised.

Should there be any further concerns about our sewer system, customers can contact GWI’s Customer Services Call Centre on 227-8701, e-mail or post via social media:  More information on the GSIP can be found at or via GWI’s Youtube Channel.


Yours faithfully,
Lavern Fredericks
Asst Public Relations Officer

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