Child begging at car park has been taken into state care

Dear Editor,

I write in response to your letter dated September 2, 2013 requesting my comment on issues raised by letter writer, Elroy Stephney in a letter captioned ‘Small child still begging at Anna Regina car park’ (SN, August 31).

Pleased be informed that the child in question has since been taken into state care and arrangements are being finalized for commencement of his formal education.  There is no excuse or justification for the delay in intervention by authorities, but investigation revealed that this matter presented a number of challenges that needed a collective and persistent response from Child Welfare & Protection frontline workers in Region 2, including the police.

I must take this opportunity to commend Mr Stephney for his persistence. This is a true reflection of the type of response that is needed from community members  ‒ of not relenting until you get help for a child that is in need of care and protection.


Yours faithfully,
Ann Greene
Director of Children Services &
Head of the Childcare & Protection


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