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Dear Editor,

Mr Ralph Ramkarran’s column which was published in the SN of September 29 and titled ‘Defections from AFC to APNU ominous for PPP/C -Ramkarran’  is very thought provoking. Many are still of the opinion that Mr Ramkarran is emotionally attached to the PPP where he actually grew up.  Consider-ing that he was my favoured candidate for the PPP/C presidency (similarly, Dr Faith Harding for the PNCR leadership) he can best understand and respond to any inquiries.

Mr Ramkarran reveals that Dr Henry Jeffrey spoke out in private against PNC election rigging. Why didn’t Mr Ramkarran encourage his friend Dr Jeffrey to publicly bare the truth of the PNC’s misdeeds? Mr  Ramkarran’s acknowledgement  on behalf of Dr Jeffrey makes him a hero by his ordinariness; certainly he was also a  good father, kind to animals, even unassuming ‒ yet we are now told Dr Jeffrey spoke out against the PNC’s crimes but only behind closed doors? What noble motives explains this sanitizing of Dr Jeffrey? The PNC succeeded in massive nationwide  rigging and no one was brought to justice, held accountable or punished.

No written evidence, admission or public apologies for rigging were ever officially made by the PNC.  What is it that so frightens or subdues our collective morality that Guyana’s leaders can constantly escape accountability for their misdeeds?

Originating from a PPP legacy where he is still an icon it would be regrettable for Mr Ramkarran to be seen as losing that, unlike his revered father Mr Boysie Ramkarran.  Mr Ramkarran is too seasoned not to know that even when a father disciplines his children with any harshness it still makes him remorseful. What is it that our leaders have not learned up to now?

The PPP/C was elected to lead and the initiative must come from that camp to reconcile. Unless the entire PPP/C needs more than new eyeglassess they may be unable to know that “The eye sees not itself but by reflection.” Without doubt Mr Ramkarran was unfairly treated but with the right approach he is still retrievable, especially with Mr Clement Rohee as PPP General Secretary.  Ms Gail Teixeira has already apologised and she certainly has the initiative to seal the deal. The Jagan PPP rehabilitated only one prominent PPP rebel, Mr Brindley Benn, but he was not born in the PPP unlike Mr Ramkarran.

Collective ailments cannot afflict an entire political party without there being a cure and with so many physicians in their midst they should not find it impossible to even talk to each other and reconcile. They expect it from their supporters and even the opposition, and can lead by example.

President Ramotar has always had a warm relationship with the former Speaker and all know his worth. Winning any election is best done united. Despite all the criticisms against Mr David Granger for his inexperience in government he still has achieved an unparalelled record: he successfully united all the splinter forces under his command in APNU. Now the PNC is fully battle ready.  Obviously the PPP/C cannot remain in power forever. Let Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar have the last word: “We at the height are ready to decline. There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries.

“On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures.”

Yours faithfully,
Sultan Mohamed

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