Guyana Securities Council Annual Reports tabled in Parliament for 2001-2011

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Securities Council observed a misrepresentation of facts in the column under the caption ‘Accountability Watch’ by Anand Goolsarran on pages 8 and 10 of the Monday edition of Stabroek News, dated September 30.

The above mentioned article suggests the Minister of Finance had not submitted the Annual Reports for the Guyana Securities Council for several years to the Parliament.  This is inaccurate.

We wish to advise that from the inception of the Guyana Securities Council to the present, the Annual Reports for the years 2001 to 2011 were submitted and tabled in Parliament.  Further, the Annual Report for 2012 was submitted to the Minister of Finance.

This type of irresponsible journalism can only harm the development of Guyana’s capital market.

Yours faithfully
Shaun O Allicock
Legal Counsel/Corporate Secretary

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