Sultan Mohamed flays a straw man of his own creation

Dear Editor,

“Mr Ramkarran reveals that Dr Henry Jeffrey spoke out in private against PNC election rigging,” writes Sultan Mohamed (‘Thought-provoking column,’ SN, October 1).
What Mr Ramkarran actually said was that:  “Faced with the choice between academic integrity and dishonesty in the mid-1980s when he was writing a book, Guyana … he chose the high road. …. instead of defending electoral malpractice, he took the position that the PNC had been guilty of electoral fraud.”

Mr Mohamed then proceeded to flay the ‘straw man’ he created with the usual PPP propaganda nonsense. “Why didn’t Mr Ramkarran encourage his friend Dr Jeffrey to publicly bare the truth of the PNC’s misdeeds? Mr  Ramkarran’s acknowledgement  on behalf of Dr Jeffrey makes him a hero by his ordinariness; certainly he was also a  good father, kind to animals, even unassuming ‒ yet we are now told Dr Jeffrey spoke out against the PNC’s crimes but only behind closed doors? What noble motives explains this sanitizing of Dr Jeffrey?

The PNC succeeded in massive nationwide rigging and no one was brought to justice, held accountable or punished.”
If we are to make progress, PPP supporters and indeed, the opposition had better come to realise the insidiousness of the information they receive.

Yours faithfully,
Henry Jeffrey

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