Dear Editor,

After months of hiding from the people, the so-called ‘pollster’ has resurfaced to announce another duplicitous poll in Guyana in September 2013. We have said repeatedly that the ‘pollster’ does not conduct proper scientific sampling, data analysis and identification of survey errors to arrive at plausible poll results.

Well Stabroek News and the other independent media houses have relegated these make-believe polls to the letter pages for public comedy unlike the Chronicle which will use any fabrication to boost the dwindling support of their paymasters in the PPP.

The PPP is in a public relations war with the people of Guyana and we the people have to stop them.  Only last week the PPP pulled out the racist chapter of their playbook by attacking Nigel Hughes in his personal capacity. How much lower will the PPP takes us as a country?

We need to remind the people of Guyana that it is this same ‘pollster’ who projected a landslide victory for the PPP in the 2011 general elections. It is this same ‘pollster’ who claimed he had conducted a poll in relation to the by-election in Trinidad in July and who predicted Jack Warner would win by a slim majority.  The reality was that Jack Warner won overwhelmingly with 70 per cent of the votes cast.

Walter Rodney said “when the belly a bun, the head a think.” The working class of East Indian descent are a thinking people these days since too many of them are enduring too much “bun-belly” as a result of the PPP squandermania, corruption and gross incompetence.

Yours faithfully,
Asquith Rose
Harish S Singh

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