Guyanese no longer have it in their moral fibres to be angry at continuing PPP vulgarities

Dear Editor,

“NIS was used as PPP ‘cash cow’ –these are things that should get people angry –APNU” (KN 10.05.13).  I have some bad news for Mr. Joseph Harmon and the APNU: Guyanese no longer have in them, in their mental and moral fibres, to be angry at continuing PPP vulgarities.  In fact, Guyanese lack the interest, the integrity, the spirit, the heart, and the guts to be angry at the PPP for anything the party does; and the PPP knows this.

Instead of my fellow countrymen (and women) rising up in righteous rage at daily outrages, they reserve their anger for the few who dare to stand in question and opposition.  Rather than the bulk of citizens being angry at the pantheon of thieves and misfits in their midst, they are angry at the troublemakers, angry at the patriots, and angry at the conscientious.  This anger is stealthy and treacherous, for the vocal critics threaten the bread and milk allowed to trickle into the mouths of those kowtowing and indicating their obeisance; and all because they have a lucrative stake (secret and quiet) in the money extravaganza.  They want to maintain at all costs those favours and largesse.  They would drive over their mothers to get at a dollar waved invitingly before their eyes.

I know what I am speaking about for I have seen and felt this anger from these folks here in Guyana: church, NGOs, civil society entities, tainted professionals, and other tainted individuals; it is inter and intra racial; and cuts across class and religion.  Of course, the anger directed at objecting citizens is not of the foaming-at-the mouth variety; it comes with a smile, handshake, and all the courtesies in the world.  Because of these who sup at the devil’s table there is no traction, and lack of critical mass; there is no developing burgeoning anger.  It is what makes them dangerous, what perpetuates every manner of lawlessness in this land.

Clearly, today is a far cry from what used to be.  The PPP gets away with any kind of wantonness and mayhem, because those who were in the vanguard are now contented and filled and fat.  Indeed, hand washes hand to fill pockets.  Life is good.

So what is there to be angry about?  Other than rage at those who point out these things…

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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