Dear Editor,

After a careful examination of the spate of armed robberies and murders that are occurring daily in Guyana, we think that it is time for Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee to resign.  Mr Rohee should do the right thing because of his incompetence and his inability to solve crime. He is no longer held in high esteem because no one in Guyana has any confidence in him except for the President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI), Clinton Urling. Mr Urling has said that Mr Rohee’s removal would not solve the crime issue. For Mr Urling to make such a reckless statement shows that he is out of touch with reality.

The formation of the SWAT team is a camouflage for the Minister and the PPP government to make it appear as though they are dealing with the crime problem. This is far from the truth because in essence the SWAT team is nothing more than a band aid solution to the high crime rate.  Mr Urling should have known that Mr Rohee has been the Minister of Home Affairs for the past six years—a period in which the crime rate has reached its highest level.

One cannot help but conclude that the Minister of Home Affairs has on several occasions intervened in the internal daily running of the police force and it is this degree of political interference which accounts for the number of unsolved crimes. It is time for him to tell people the truth rather than apportioning blame to other groups such as APNU which have no executive authority or control over the police. How can APNU which has zero authority or control over the police be held responsible for the crime wave? Is the Minister saying that APNU should be blamed for the lack of action, ineptitude and incompetence of the police to solve crime? Apart from his “goat en bite me” statement, why is the Minister making such silly statements?

For a long time, the PPP rulers, especially Mr Jagdeo felt that he was above the law and had ignored all the rules, procedures and regulations governing who can do what, when, where, why and how on any and all government properties, including the sale, rental or lease of public lands.  It was reported that Jagdeo paid only $5 million per acre for the ocean front land when government lands in less prestigious areas had cost much more per acre. The end does not justify the means and should be reversed whenever there is a change in government.

It is our hope that the Pro-Guyana Initiative which is based on unity and human development, fairness, equality, justice and freedom will put an end to blatant corrupt practices, reduce crime and restore Guyana to the cleanliness, decency and morality that it once enjoyed before.

Yours faithfully,
Asquith Rose
Chandra Deollal

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