Lack of lights on East Coast highway will cause accidents

Dear Editor,

Some time ago I had pointed out in the press that I was very concerned about the continuous absence of road lights on the East Coast highway, between Turkeyen and Atlanticville, and all reports seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

A few nights ago while on my way home, I saw a young lady frantically seeking assistance after her motor vehicle got a punctured tyre. Out of concern and basic courtesy, I readily rendered assistance and she spared no words to express her gratitude.

The following evening I was confronted with a stray cow that was practically invisible due to its dark colour, and myself and a few drivers behind me had to employ all kinds of acrobatics to avoid a serious collision.

Apart from aforementioned hazards, the situation is further compounded by poor road markings, especially along the centre line of that northern carriageway.

I am therefore appealing once again to the relevant authorities to have these issues rectified so that we could keep our roads safe and accident free.

Yours faithfully,
Alex Edwards